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About us

Our Mission

SkyLearn was founded in Minneapolis in 2002. Our mission is to maximize the academic performance of every K-12 student with technology-based solutions in reading and math which are affordable, scalable and able to rapidly improve the academic achievement of students regardless of their socio-economic background. To accomplish this, SkyLearn has developed alliances with cutting edge educational technologists whose products promote mastery of core concepts and skills for students of all abilities. These educational solutions integrate diagnostic assessments and cognitive, research-based supplemental curriculum to provide individualized learning paths. In addition to state of the art educational software, SkyLearn also provides professional development programs to enable teachers and parents to better assist students in achieving their academic objectives.

Our Objectives

  • To become the recognized leader in providing the best courseware for tutorial programs
  • To eliminate the “Digital Divide” and the number of children classified as “academically at risk”.
  • To enrich underserved communities through enhanced learning options

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